I made English blog

Hello everyone !!!! I'm sleepy KANIPAN.!!!!!!!!!!!! Sleepy !!! Yeah !!!!!

As I said in the latest episode, I'll take breaks 06/15 & 07/01 in JAPOKANI GAKUSHŪCHŌ.
So there won't be video but I'm gonna write an article in English from now !

I got some requests for this program.
It's my pleasing ! But I have something that I must say.
I hardly wrote article in English, so almost I didn't talk about JAPOKANI video before, so I write this now.


In fact, I did a live streaming on Nico about JAPOKANI GAKUSHŪCHŌ before I started this program (2014/03/09).
Because I wanted to collect opinions from Japanese people to make this program.
At the streaming, 1265 people came, 4044 comments were left.

At first I explained this program's purpose.
This program is introduction of Japanese culture.

You know Japanese culture is not only for Otaku.

There are so many many traditional special cultures.
Otaku culture is ON the traditional culture in a historical meaning.

So I explained that this program should deal with TOTAL Japanese culture.
Because then it helps foreign people understand newer Japanese cultures too.
And about newer Japanese (Otaku) culture,
everyone that uses internet can get precise information about it without my introduction and explanation.
So there is no so much value even if I explain and introduce about it.

Then I asked listeners to write comments about Japanese culture that they think of it as SPECIAL in Japan.
This is "brain storming".
Look at this There is a list of ideas.
I sorted comments.
I got 200 ideas. It means there are 200 special cultures in Japan !!
What a excentric country...

I talked my purpose (this program should be introduction about Japanese special culture not only for Otaku)
and listeners understood and cooperated with me.
So the next step was thinking about the order to make 200 videos. XD

ANIME, MANGA and music or some contents like that ... these can GO to foreign country.
But people can't go and come easily.
So even if contents like this are fashionable in foreign country, people don't know about Japan itself so much.
They really like "JAPAN" ? Even though they don't know Japan.
They just like ANIME MANGA not Japan, no ?
But I think that's because there is no chance to know about other cultures or country itself.
Because so far !!!!!
So I want to make the chance !

I mean that We (I & my listeners) want foreign people to know about many other Japanese cultures too (not only Otaku culture).
Foreign people can get information about Otaku culture easily on internet.
I must make my program special, strange, valuable.
So we discussed so much to make a program like that !!
And I made schedule until 2015/01/15. XD

"I'm interested in only Otaku culture" ?
Then you can't say "I like Japan"
But there are many people who say they like "Japan" even though they like just Otaku culture.
Otaku culture is actually huge in Japan. Fashionable of course.
But this is mere a part of Japanese cultures.

I think I must show many other cultures too.
But of course including Otaku culture sometimes.
I've thought about the order already.

You know ANIME, MANGA already.
So if you want to know more about it, you can search.
But if you don't know about other Japanese culture, you will never search about it.
Because you don't know even the name of the culture !

I say this again.
I'm glad to get requests or comments at JAPOKANI !
And if it's possible, I will answer. (Actually I sometimes reply comments)
But at the same time, I have precise theme, purpose to do this.
I know someone like this, other someone don't like this.
But I'll do my best for our good future.