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I participated in the song "朔夜 -SAKUYA-" at StarrySky's new album.
StarrySky is a band that SHINDEHAI pulls. I took charge of writing lyrics and singing Japanese part mainly.
The title "朔夜 -SAKUYA-" means "the night of new moon".

日本語(In Japanese)


::: About the style of collaboration :::

On this collaboration, SHINDEHAI took a proposition of writing the lyrics (in Japanese) and singing to me.

In Starrysky, there is a singer "Okko" and she sings in English normally.
And "Cyrix" writes those lyrics.This song, I & Cyrix wrote together.
He wrote English part & I wrote Japanese Part. Each parts occupy 50%.
And Okko sang English part, I sang Japanese part.This is the style of this collaboration.

SHINDEHAI made meeting place on Skype for us (I & SHINDEHAI & Cyrix).

Cyrix said
"How did you feel about Starrysky's old works? I wrote those lyrics. Don't hesitate to tell."

I've listened all Starrysky's works.
So I said
"I like them ! But If I can say my preference, I like to make rhymes."

And I told them that I'd like to make rhymes crossing the languages.
I thought that it's possible if I choose words after Cyrix has chosen English words but they were doubtful a little at first.
Because Japanese and English differ at the point of syllable.
It's actually right but I've written lyrics in the 2 languages in same song, so I thought it's possible.

::: About the lyrics :::

I suggested many meanings.

First, I waited rough-mix.
Because I wanted to write with my inspiration that I got when I listened for first time.
The rough-mix came, then I found that it have "MOON" imagery.

I thought that it's important to use motif of some star because "Starrysky" means a starlit sky.
"MOON" is good to it.
But I like metaphor.
So I wanted to write about the things around me and my philosophy using "MOON" as a metaphor.
Whenever I write lyrics, I think about it.

For that, I was contemplating about moon for a week.

The Moon rises later for about 50 minutes than the previous day.
And it changes the FACE every time.
You know that the Moon changes the figuration every rising.
But in fact, FIGURATION does not change but the ASPECT that is lit up by the sun is changing so visual performance is only different.
The figuration of the Moon does not change.
It is also the unchangeable facts that the Moon rises everyday.
And it is also the unchangeable facts that the Moon is facing the same aspect to the Earth.
It is said that the Moon was born 4,500 million years ago.
Probably, since the Moon became the present form, it's turning around the Earth facing here and with

same pace until now. And changes the FACE everyday.
It means that the Moon has changeable facts and unchangeable facts simultaneously.

It is same as the facts around and inside of me.
There are a lot of changeable facts and unchangeable facts and there are things what I want to change and also don't want to change.

I can find "ultimate love" in the Moon by his facing the same aspect to here all the time.

The long long time went by between the Moon and the Earth...
In other words, we are living in "A piece of time".

It is said that many meteorites and asteroids collided on the Earth and the dusts jumped out in the space before the Moon was born.
The thing which the dusts united to one on satellite orbit is the Moon.
This is the dominant theories about birth of the Moon.
(Of course I just have heard so I don't know and never be able to know it exactly, though...)
The Moon is a part of the Earth before and it came from space simultaneously.
In other words, the Moon is a partner (as a complete stranger) of the Earth but family.
It is a mysterious existence.

And the long time will go on between The Earth and the Moon Forever and ever.
I think that air, water, temperature are necessary to appearance of life on a planet.
But perhaps, it might be a requirement that a big secondary planet like the Moon exists.
I don't know the truth, I am at a loss to know what is true though.

In addition, earthquakes of magnitude 1-4 occur often on the Moon.
I think it's "heart beat" of the Moon.
Both of the Earth and the Moon is alive.

I wrote the lyrics while thinking of this.

Cyrix is always busy.
So if I'm just only waiting him, the work wouldn't progress, SHINDEHAI said.
"Don't hesitate to talk to him or write the lyrics."
So I decided this topic and theme by myself and started to write the lyrics.
I intended to change the ending of a word for rhyme after Cyrix wrote his parts.
I sent my text to SHINDEHAI & Cyrix.
In my text I wrote translation of the lyrics too and explained my topic to them.
SHINDEHAI said "good metaphor" and Cyrix took over this theme and wrote.
The work finished on the day.

There are a lot of words about the Moon all over the world.
In Japanese, There are many names of the Moon that mean the phase and face of it.
Of course each languages have the word that means the Moon.
The Moon is English, चंद्र Chandra is Sanskrit, Σελήνη Selēnē is Greek, etc.
And "Luna" is related "Lunacy".
There was way of thinking that the Moon makes people mad.

What is "Lunacy"?
In fact, it may be "the true self that is hidden usually".
It's always there but we can't see because it is "the backside".
It may be "Lunacy(insane)".
Well, the tarot card "XVIII THE MOON" in major arcana has rather negative meaning.

We find & touch a "Lunacy" in ourselves when we face to the changing/unchanging things.
I thought that there was a similar point between the Moon and us.

I should live believing my "axis" while I am at the mercy of the changing/unchanging things.
According to a person, it looks sometimes like insanity.
It means that unchanging is to be deeply attached to something, sometimes.

Cyrix said that he find out "open-minded" in my theme.
Facing to one's "Lunacy" is "open-minded".
Actually it's just the way of saying to express this.
Not Pushing the Lunacy into one's mind in forcefully but To be honest with oneself, and never missing one's axis.
Each matter looks scattered, and looks never coexist.
But in fact, it's possible that these things can coexist and keep its Balance while shaking and changing.
I'm sure that we can't find a true or ultimate or genuine love, if we avoid "Lunacy" in ourselves.
Although I don't know why.
But I think that is true whenever I see the Moon (and the relation with the Earth).

::: About the title :::

The next day of lyrics have finished, SHINDEHAI said
"you must choose the title of this song because I think that Japanese title is suitable for this."

I decided naturally to choose the word about the Moon in Japanese.

1. SHINDEHAI uses a Kanji "新" for the part of his name "SHIN".
"新" means "new"
2. This is the first time my participation to StarrySky. Start or Beginning. (Although I don't know whether there's the next time)
3. I felt "Japanese traditional or old music" in this song.
4. It's better that the word is short than long.

Then I chose a Kanji "朔(SAKU)" at first.
This means "New Moon" In only one character and it's a old name of new moon in Japanese.
Usually we call new moon "新月(SHINGETSU)".

But I remembered that there is a song named "朔 -saku-" already.
So I showed two plans to SHINDEHAI, "朔良(sakura)" and "朔夜(sakuya)".
SAKURA is same name as "cherry blossom" in Japanese.
On the other hand, there is a princess named "SAKUYA" in Japanese mythology.

By the way, why I remembered the Moon when I listened to this song for first time?
I think the reason is this.
The Japanese mood that this song has is not "Japan which Japanese watched" but "Japan which foreign people watched".
It's same "Japan" but there is difference.
"Our being aware of Being seen" is similar as "we are aware of that the Moon is seeing this, on the Earth".
So The image of the Moon would spring out in me.

::: About my singing :::

It was duet and I & Okko took charge of half of the song each other.
SHINDEHAI said he wanted at least 3 takes of vocals so I recorded 4 takes for 2 days.
It is extremely sensitive rather than getting tired that I make plural data for use.
I took half of the song, and took 2 days for 4 takes. This is usual for me.
In other words, it took 1 day for 1 song(full). This is my usual pace.

But I changed my vocalization each 4 takes.
Because we are far from each other so we can't go to same studio.
For instance, if SHINDEHAI could direct my recording at a studio, I would sing as he said.
But we are too far to do it so I made plural data and SHINDEHAI choose his best from it.
We thought it is the best way that we can do.

Whatever & whichever data SHINDEHAI chose and used, I think it's the best choice cause he is the composer and producer of the song.
And it's duet so it's better that Okko's and my vocals should just mutch and synchronize.
But I didn't get Okko's vocal data, so I increased my chorus vocalization variations and I thought it's the best plan.

I've never listened the completed song for now (I'm writing this) so I'm afraid of whether or not my work would act well, but I'm looking forward to the finished song.

It was fun(?) at my recording.
At first "lack of air !", the second "is this vocals part?".

"lack of air !"
I used cassette kitchen range device in my room but I forgot ventilation!!
So I was very very sleepy at recording and I had no concentration power.
In addition, I didn't notice the reason.

The recording first day, I overcame it with fighting spirit.XD
And went to bed, but next day, I was as sleepy as ever.
Then I ventilated my room and "revived" !!
I was probably dying there if I couldn't noticed it. XD
Everyone, you need ventilate well your room !!!!

So the recording second day, I got better and got back my concentration power !!

"is this vocals part?"
There is instrumental part and we sang "nanana" there.
But at first, I thought it's not a part of vocals. XD

SHINDEHAI said "Don't forget to sing instrument part. It start 2:42".
I was surprised a bit.
Because it sounds like solo part for musical instruments.
And he said "You can arrange if the part is too fast to sing."
Actually it's fast.

But I thought he made this part cause he listened my other works, probably.
I often sing fast song or make a cappella multitrack song that include very fast part.
Then I decided that I never arrange it. XD
I wanted to accomplish it by all means !! And accomplished. I laughed at my own self.
I'm always thinking that "I can imitate anything what I can hear"
(But it's not about hightone but fast reading, singing)
Also this time, it was true.

In this way, I finished my recording and sent my data to SHINDEHAI at last of the recording second day.
I'm writing this waiting completion and exhibition.^^
I challenged writing my production diary in English for the first time.
I'm worried about whether or not you can understand this...

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